Welcome To TPI’s Pokesav Page. Here We Will Give You Everything You Need To Use Pokesav.

About Pokesav:

Pokesav is a program that allows you to edit your save files in your Pokemon Games. This includes your party, trainer ID, gender, etc. It was originally made for Japanese Pokemon games by a programmer named COM. He has produced a specific version of Pokesav for each Pokemon game. (Generations 4-5) To use Pokesav, you must possess an Action Replay DSi (or DS), or a game emulator such as no$gba.

CloneCharizard from PokeStation has translated all Japanese Pokesavs into many languages, which we at TPI have availible for download.When you download Pokesav in your language, your firewall may say Pokesav has a virus. This is not true. This happens because usually you must change the source code of a program to translate it properly. But, COM does not wish to give the source code of Pokesav to anyone, so that makes most firewalls think that Pokesav is a dangerous program because it is not translated properly. In our Pokesav download station we have many of the languages CloneCharizard has translated Pokesav into, and Japanese Pokesav.

If regular Pokesav does not fit your screen after download, we reccomend downloading Compact Pokesav.

Pokesav Download Station:

-Pokesav is only for Windows, Pokesav is not compatible with Mac OS X or Linux-

-There is a way to use Pokesav on Mac. Go to the TPI tutorial for running Pokesav on Mac OS X here: Pokesav and PokeGen on Mac OS X –

(Credit for Pokesav goes to COM (Original Pokesav) and CloneCharizard (Most Translations of Pokesav), also pokestation.net/pokesav for download chart and links. More thanks to Pokestation for lots of information in the About Pokesav section.)


=Download Newest Edition Of Pokesav

=Download Newest Edition Of Compact Pokesav

=Pokesav Version Number

EN=Pokesav Language


EN EN    Mini   Mini    
JP JP        
SP SP    

If you do not run a Windows computer, or are too lazy to follow the instructions to run Pokesav/Pokegen on OSX, then we reccomend you use The Pokestation Databases’ Online Pokesav, made by Pokestation admin Kyohack. For Gen 5 Online Pokesav, go here: http://db.pokestation.net/online-pokesav/gen-5/ For Gen 4 Online Pokesav, go here: http://db.pokestation.net/online-pokesav/gen-4/ For instructions on how to use Kyohack’s amazing Online Pokesav, go here: http://forums.pokestation.net/showthread.php?4638-Pokemon-Distribution-on-the-GTS!&p=59116&viewfull=1#post59116    


Questions? Leave A Comment On This Page And Me Or Hacksorus Will Answer It ASAP.


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