Red=Recently Ended    Blue=Currently Live  Green=Coming Soon

-All events are categorized by the country they will take place in. (or are taking place in)-

-Only recent events will be posted on the page-

United States Events:

Nintendo Wifi:

Pokemon Movie 14 Virtuoso Victini

General Information:

Pokemon: Victini

Nickname: N/A

Level: 50                                Moves:

Gender: Legendary                V-Create  [FIRE]

Nature: Random                    Fusion Flare   [FIRE]

Ability: Victory Star               Fusion Bolt     [ELECTRIC]

OT: Movie14                             Searing Shot  [FIRE]

ID: 12031

Item: Fire Gem

Game(s): Black and White

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

Japan Events:

Nintendo Wifi:

Milos Thundurus

General Information:

Pokemon: Thundurus

Nickname: N/A

Level: 70

Gender: Legendary

Nature: Random

Ability: Prankster


  1. are anymore events coming up?

  2. how do you get to liberty garden? Because you can get there by super train but it takes awile to beat the train that unlocks it.

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