Pokemon Black and White


Welcome To our Black and White Page. This entire section contains info, secrets, and a Walkthrough about Pokemon Black and White.


Black and White Differences:

Black City and White Forest:

In Pokemon Black and White, there are two places that are only in one game or the other, called Black City and White Forest, Black City being in Black and White Forest being in White. Both places have different uses.In Black City, you can go to shops and battle trainers, while in White Forest you catch Pokemon rare Pokemon not Available in Black or anywhere else in Unova, such as Porygon and Bagon. Both areas are connected by the Entralink. When you connect to someones game that is the opposite of your game, (if you have White and connect to someones Black game) and go to their Black City/White Forest and talk to characters there, they will come to your Black City/White Forest. (you can only have 10 People there at a time.) Each Person that comes to your Black City/White Forest has a different effect on that area. In White Forest, If a certain person comes, a certain Pokemon will appear in the grass at White Forest, and in Black when people come to Black City, they effect the items you can buy and you can battle them. (Go to this link to see all the people that you can send between Black City/White Forest: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/blackcitywhiteforest.shtml)



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