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Ho-oh Says

Ho-oh says to suscribe and tell your friends to make TPI a internet legend.




Hacksorus Returns!

Hi guys, I’m back!!! From now on I’ll try to add more to TPI. I  have recently had technical problems with the server, but I’ll try to avoid them. Also, Ho-oh says is back, and it will give everyone tips of how to make TPI of good use to everyone. I will do those as well, and soon i will begin writing our Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough.


League Update

If you want a full league experience please write your friend code as a comment. Informer and I will pick them up.

Sincere appologys about not being able to do that much.

Pokemon Typing DS Age Warning

Guys, please remember that although Pokemon Typing DS seems babyish at first, its really fun.

-Posted on 4/27/11 at 8:01 by Hacksorus

Ho-oh says…

Ho-oh says…

Hey guys! Todays question will be if our website will soon welcome members. I’ve just asked Ho-oh and he says that we will but only a select few that me and In4mer can trust. ’til next time!

Posted on 4/27/11 at 7:47 (AM) by Hacksorus

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