TPI Exclusive In4mer Gift

Hey guys! We have a great exclusive for you! As you all know, TPI’s mascot is Ho-Oh. That is why we have a special Ho-Oh Gift Action Replay Code! !Exclusively for Pokemon Soul Silver!

<Game>Pokemon Soul Silver<Game> <Game ID>IPGJ 7387ac7f<Game ID> – <Code> 94000130 FCFF0000 B2111880 00000000 E0000194 000000EC 305EB045 330F0000 B5C85C3E 6F62E667 323C7E19 C94F676F 91ABBCD9 B85F59B6 568360AC 996DF00D 772B2309 7F5AA37B F45F99E8 896FC15B 65763690 FB0D4C81 0B3AC2F0 72F236DD B1CE4813 594BD675 2448520D 645A5110 29587DC3 95F2C497 109DADE8 7B0BBB16 69666C37 DA6EEA56 3EC2A43A F84E45C9 F2DAB8B9 4904A718 19415B52 B9760980 8C084C64 A8AAA0E3 7693E96A 16D69B19 48892A87 D3B14AA6 CDA3F2F3 A378EF72 DF1C5C0A 3590B061 8C3D9A72 FFA51CFB 3E880BF2 17B6B15D B6272F40 060BA781 EEFB60EC C26698C3 42F4827D 5078B3A0 5DA2EFD9 AF9689C0 D50C66E9 11ACBA35 7BC0C57C 00000000 D2000000 00000000<Code>

To View Easier, Download the .docx File Here: !MAC ONLY! !WORD MAC 2011 NEEDED TO VIEW!

Ho-Oh Gift TPI.docx




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